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The Liberal Arts For International Minds
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Join Tomorrow's Global Leaders at the Hub of East Asia
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UIC, where we make history

About UIC

Underwood International College (UIC) is a highly selective, English-language, four-year liberal arts institution, which combines the intimate, elite learning environment of an American-style liberal arts college with the faculty and resources of Korea’s top private research university. UIC students choose from an extensive list of classes conducted.


continues to take a leading role in fulfilling Yonsei’s commitment to a world-class university.


The standard for judging the nationality of the student and the student’s parents will be based on passports.

News and Events

Special Lecture "The Poverty in Art" by D..
Date: September 3rd, 2015 Time: 18:00 Venue: NMH 107 Title: ThePoverty in Art Abstract: Historians of art and literature since Kant have known about an aspect of the present that is absolutely unlivable because of..
2015 Startup Weekend @ Songdo Campus
Do you want to launch your own business in Korea? Now you can do so: meet amazing people, learn new skills, be entrepreneurial, and ultimately launch your business! Do you want to launch an innovative startup in 54 h..
Recruiting: TA for UIC Office at Songdo
UIC office at Songdo is looking for students who will fulfill TA duties during 2015 Fall Semester. (Translation TA should be able to work until Winter vacation) -Office TA *Qualification: Student who spend most of the..

Academic Affairs

[Syllabus] UIC1551-06 (Prof. Caterine Cho..
Dear students, Attached, please find the course syllabi for UIC1551-06 WORLD HISTORY: GROUP II by Prof. Catherine Choy. - Underwood International College -
Foreign Language Placement Test Results_A..
Dear Students, Attached, please find the language placement test results for Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Directions: Register for the course indicated in the attached file through the Yonsei Portal System during ..
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