2012 Fall Semester Re-Admission Application Guidelines_General Round

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2012 Fall Semester Re-Admission Application Guidelines_General Round

1. Qualified Applicants

(1) The Following students may apply for re-admission: students originally admitted as freshman and dismissed due to failure to pay tuition or return on time after a leave of absence.

(2) The applicants can apply only when there is a vacancy in the normal quota except for the following cases: Re-Admission Regulation Article 2 Permission and Procedure

a. Students dismissed due to academic warnings, if 2 years or more have not passed since dismissal date, are not qualified. (Students dismissed due to academic warnings are subject to Re-Admission Application for Special Round if 2 years or more have passed since the dismissal date)

b. Students attending another university/college in Korea and/or students dismissed due to probation/misbehavior are not qualified

c. Students readmitted once and dismissed again are not qualified

2. Re-Admission Procedures

(1) 1st Screening: Office of Academic Affairs
(2) 2nd Screening: Department Review
(3) 3rd Screening: College Committee Review
* If necessary, an additional written test or interview could be administered.

3. Documents for Submission

(1) A copy of application form (Attached)
(2) A copy of official transcript
(3) A copy of college register
(4) A petition for re-admission
(5) A copy of academic plan
* Transcript and college register should be received from the University Service Center (Right next to the Main Gate, Engineering Research Park Building, 1st floor) 

4. Schedule

(1) Application period: 9:00 to 17:20, Monday, April 30 ~ Friday, May 4, 2012
(2) Application materials should be submitted to the Academic Support Division, Office of Academic Affairs (Rm. B101 Underwood Hall)
(3) Announcement: Friday, June 1, 2012, Yonsei University Website ( )

5. Contact: Office of Academic Affairs (2123-2097,

6. Please Pay Attention to the Following

(1) After being accepted, the student MUST register and cannot take a leave of absence during the 1st semester.
(2) Re-Admission is allowed only once.

(3) Re-Admitted students should graduate within 12 semesters including the semesters they have already attended.

(4) Applicants cannot take summer/winter term courses before they have been officially granted re-admission.
(5) Academic warning(s) students received before dismissal will still remain effective.

 Academic Support Division

Office of Academic Affairs

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