Extension of Sojourn for Foreign Students

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Extension of Sojourn for Foreign Students
The Number of students who have been paying fines for not having their visa extended before the expiration dates have been increasing recently. In order to avoid such problem from happening, please check the expiration date of your visa as indicated on your Alien Registration Card (ARC) and renew your visa two months before it expires.
Required Documents
Alien Registration Card (ARC)
Certificate of Attendance (Available at the University Service Center)
Transcripts (Available at the University Service Center)
Receipt of payment of tuition fee for the applicable semester (Portal system)
Certificate of bank balance (at least 3,000,000 won)
*University Service Center is located on the lobby of Yonsei Engineering Research Park (연세공학원 건물 로비)
*Students under the Korean Government Scholarship must bring a document certifying they are grantees of the said scholarship.
Payment of fines: 300,000 won ~ 10,000,000 won depending on the period
Seoul Immigration Office
Counseling number: 1345 without a telephone exchange number
Office of International Affairs Counseling Number: 2123-6492
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