Summer Session Registration Guidelines

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Summer Session Registration Guidelines
Yonsei University provides two types of summer programs: 하계 계절제 수업 (Yonsei Summer Session Program), and Yonsei International Summer School.
Please refer to the following information and register accordingly if you are interested in summer courses.

하계 계절제 수업
Yonsei International
Summer School
Office of Academic Affairs
Tel. 2123-2090
Underwood Hall B101
YISS Office
Tel. 2123-3535, 6286
New Millennium Hall 502
More Info
"하계 계절학기 수업 안내“
Target Students
Yonsei undergraduate students
Main Target: Students attending overseas universities
Yonsei Undergraduate Students can also participate
Students who have completed their 7th semester or are applying for early graduation cannot enroll for YISS courses.
Most courses are offered in Korean
Course Recognition
Yonsei-wide courses offered and recognized according to the course codes(학정번호)
Attached is the list of courses recognized as UIC CC, UICE, or UIC major courses.
Students cannot repeat a regular semester course with a YISS course or vice versa if the course code is different.
Not allowed
Not allowed
Course Period
2012. 6. 25(Mon) - 7. 26(Thur)
3 Credit Courses
2012. 7. 3(Tue) - 8. 9(Thur)
2012. 6. 25(Mon) - 7. 20(Fri)
2 Credit Courses
110,000 Won x No. of Credits
Plus lab fees (if applicable)
200,000 Won x No. of Credits
Syllabus > Course Catalogue and Syllabus
>Program> Courses
Course Registration Period
2012. 5. 21(Mon) - 5. 23(Wed) > Undergraduate Course Enrollment
Add/Drop Period
2012. 5. 30(Wed) - 5. 31(Thur)
Tuition Payment Period
2012. 6. 11(Mon) - 6. 13(Wed)

• General Note
- Courses are subject to rescheduling. For the most updated course schedule and syllabi, please visit the website at / (하계계절제수업
- Maximum course load: 7 credits.
(Regular Yonsei summer term credits and International Summer School credits in total)
- Course withdrawal is not permitted.
- The summer school credits will be added to the cumulative GPA and the degree requirement credits.
- The repetition of the courses taken in spring 2012 is not allowed.
- Students cannot repeat a regular semester course with a YISS course if the course code is different.
• Note to LSBT Majors
- LSBT students can fulfill basic science course requirement (level I) by taking Calculus(1), General Physics, and General Chemistry offered by YISS. However, these courses cannot be repeated with regular semester courses or vice versa.
• Note to IS Majors : ISM2105 International Economics
- ISM2105 International Economics, which is an IS major requisite course, will NOT be offered in Fall 2012/Spring 2013 because Professor JY Lee will be on leave beginning Fall 2012.
Those who plan to graduate before Fall 2013 should plan on taking the course at YISS if they have not already done so.
• Science Literacy Requirement: Underwood Division Humanities and Social Sciences Majors (CLC, ECON, IS, PSIR) only
- YISS courses offered under the category of "Science, Technology, and Environment" and Calculus(1) fulfill Science Literacy Requirement.
Attachment: 2012 YISS Courses Recognized as UIC Courses

-Underwood International College (2123-3925)-
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