2012-2st Semester Re-Admission Application Guidelines_Special Round

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2012-2st Semester Re-Admission Application Guidelines_Special Round

1. Qualified Applicants:

(1) Following dismissed students may apply for re-admission special round:

- Transfer students(general transfer, undergraduate transfer, military commission),

- Students dismissed due to academic warnings and 2 years or more have passed since

dismissal date and students withdrawn voluntarily.

- Voluntarily dismissed students

- Students dismissed due to exceeding the maximum semester limit

* Students dismissed for failing to pay tuition are not qualified for this round.

* Students attending another university/college in Korea are not qualified.


(2) Re-Admission Regulation

Article 3 (Permission and Procedure): The applicants could apply only when there is a vacancy in the normal quota after the results of re-admission for students dismissed for failing to pay tuition were announced. In such case, the applicant could apply with a recommendation from the director of her/his college.



2. Re-Admission Procedures

(1) 1st Screening: Office of Academic Affairs

(2) 2nd Screening: College Department, Major Department Review

(College Review Committee)

(3) 3rd Screening: Re-Admission Committee Review

* If necessary, additional written test or interview could be administered.



3. Documents for Submission

(1) A copy of application form

(2) A copy of official transcript

(3) A copy of college register

(4) A petition for re-admission

(5) A copy of academic plan including recommendation from UD Director/Major Program Chair

(6) A copy of pledge

* Transcript and college register should be received from the University Service Center (Right next to the Main Gate, Engineering Research Park Building1st Floor).



4. Schedule

(1) Application period: 9:00 to 17:00, Monday, June 4 ~ Friday, June 8, 2012

(2) Application materials should be submitted to the Academic Support Team at the Office of Academic Affairs (Underwood Hall, B1 floor)

(3) Announcement: Friday, July 6, 2012, Yonsei University Website

* If needed, there may be additional examinations or interviews.


5. Contact: Office of Academic Affairs (2123-2097,



6. Please Pay Attention To:

(1) After being accepted, the student MUST register and cannot take a leave of absence.

(2) Re-Admission is allowed only once. (If a student waives the right for re-admission once, he or she cannot apply for another re-admission)

(3) Academic warning will still remain effective.

(4) Until the re-admission result announcement, the student cannot enroll in summer classes





Academic Support Team

Office of Academic Affairs

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