SISF, Seoul International Student Forum

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SISF, Seoul International Student Forum

The Seoul Global Center would like to invite international and Korean students, to become members of the Seoul International Student Forum (SISF) 2012. Here, you will have the opportunity to discuss your experiences and issues regarding living in Seoul, as well as the opportunity to present your ideas to the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

Who is eligible?
1. International students enrolled in BA/MA/Ph.D, or Korean language students who are enrolled at universities in Seoul.
2. Korean students at universities in Seoul. (BA/MA/Ph.D) 
*Admission will only be given to those candidates who can stay in Korea until Oct. 2012
*Only students at universities in Seoul are eligible to apply.

How to join?
1. Application Period: April 23rd, 2012 to May 13th, 2012
※ If you want to apply after the application period, you will need to contact the person in charge directly.
2. Please download the application form from under the "SGC programs" section.
3. Send it to
4. Interview schedule: May 29th (Tue) ~ June 1st (Fri) group interview
 - After we process your application, an interview schedule will be sent to successful applicants via e-mail.
* When you come for an interview, please bring a copy of your student ID card and alien registration card.

What are the activities?
 1. Workshop: overnight retreat
 2. Policy Proposal Contest: "Seoul I propose…"
  - The goal of the forum is to have each group of students propose constructive ideas to improve the city of Seoul as well as participate in the execution of such ideas.
 3. Official visits: DMC (Seoul Digital Media City), Sky Park, the Office of Waterworks and TOPIS.
 4. Volunteering at Social Welfare Centers in Seoul.
   * Activity programs are subject to change without prior notification.

What are the benefits?
 1. Eight active members will be selected and given an opportunity to participate in the Seoul Global Internship program (4 for summer break, 4 for winter break).
 2. Members who attend more than 80% of all events qualify to  receive an official certificate of participation from the Mayor of Seoul.
 3. Policy proposals may be introduced on various media sources.
 4. Members will tour organizations affiliated with the Seoul Metropolitan Government.
 5. Various networking opportunities and increased exposure to other SGC and Seoul Metropolitan Government's programs.
 6. Most of all, you will have fun while we take you on special tours and activities that will make your life in Seoul more enjoyable.

Further Information
 - Contact: Seoul Global Center
 - Phone: 02-2075-4108
 - Fax: 02-723-3206
 - Email:

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