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U.S. Embassy /Public Affairs Section
Invites Koran Students to a U.S. Speaker Program on U.S. Nuclear Policy and Asia Pacific Security
“관심있는 한국 대학생, 대학원생분들의 적극적인 참여를 부탁드립니다”
Date   :      Wednesday, May 16, 2012
Place  :      American Center Korea, U.S. Embassy/Public Affairs Section (
미국대사관 아메리칸센터서울용산구남영동10소재)
Speaker:   William H. Tobey, Senior Center, HARVARD Kennedy School’s
                  Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs
William H. Tobey (Senior Fellow, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard University)
William Tobey was most recently Deputy Administrator for Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation at the National Nuclear Security Administration. There, he managed the U.S. government’s largest program to prevent nuclear proliferation and terrorism by detecting, securing, and disposing of dangerous nuclear material.  Mr. Tobey also served on the National Security Council Staff in three administrations, in defense policy, arms control, and counter-proliferation positions.  He has participated in international negotiations ranging from the START talks with the Soviet Union, to the Six Party Talks with North Korea.  He also has extensive experience in investment banking and venture capital.  

윌리엄 H. 토비  (시니어펠로우, 벨퍼과학국제문제연구소, 하버드대학교 )
현재 벨퍼과학국제문제연구소에서 시니어펠로우를 지내고 있는 윌리엄 토비는 과거 에너지부 산하 핵안보국(NNSA) 방어핵확산방지 담당 부국장을 맡아 미국 정부의 위험 핵물질의 추적, 확보, 처리를 통한 핵 확산 방지 및 테러 방지 프로그램을 운영한 바 있다. 또한 3개 행정부 하에서 국가안보회의(NSC) 사무국에 근무하며 국방 정책, 군비 통제, 반확산 등의 사안을 다루었다. 그 외에도 소비에트 연방과의 START 회담, 북한과의 6자회담 등 다양한 국제 협상 과정에 참여했으며, 투자 및 벤처 캐피털 부문에서도 경력을 쌓아왔다.

Schedule:   Wednesday, May 16, 2012
10:30-10:50         Registration at American Center 
10:50-11:00        Welcoming by ACK Director Kim Su Nam
11:00-11:05         Introduction of Speaker by Paul Thomas, Assistant Cultural Affairs Officer
11:05-12:25         Presentation by William Tobey, followed by a Q&A session with Korean Political Scientists
                                and students (<em>Consecutive Interpretation will be provided.)</em>

12:25-12:30         Group Photo session
12:30                     Program ends. 
[RSVP] 참가신청 무료, 이메일로  선착순 접수
If you would like to attend, please RSVP by email  to  AmericanCenterKorea@State.Gov 
[RSVP Email Title]:  RSVP-5/16 Tobey Lecture
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American Center Korea
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