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The Liberal Arts For International Minds
Join Tomorrow's Global Leaders at the Hub of East Asia Images
Join Tomorrow's Global Leaders at the Hub of East Asia
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UIC, where we make history

About UIC

Underwood International College (UIC) is a highly selective, English-language, four-year liberal arts institution, which combines the intimate, elite learning environment of an American-style liberal arts college with the faculty and resources of Korea’s top private research university. UIC students choose from an extensive list of classes conducted.


continues to take a leading role in fulfilling Yonsei’s commitment to a world-class university.


The standard for judging the nationality of the student and the student’s parents will be based on passports.

News and Events

Modeling Fee Payment Announcement
Thank you again for your enthusiastic participation of UIC promotional video. About the modeling fee, we'd like to make an announcement about the payment procedure. Your modeling fee will be transferred to your bankin..
Recruiting: UIC Songdo Office TA during S..
UIC office at Songdo is looking for students who will fulfill TA duties during 2014 Summer Vacation. 1. Number of TA needed: 2 2. Qualification: Student who spend most of the time at Songdo Campus. ASD/TADstudents..

News and Events

Tomorrow Global Leaders' Camp with the Ko..

Academic Affairs

Course Repeat Guidelines for Students Adm..
Undergraduate Course Repeat Policy for Students Admitted in 2013 and thereafter 1. About Course Repeat A. If a student enrolls in a course for two or more times, only the course credits and grade of the most rece..
2014-2 Student ID Card Issuance for Fresh..
2014-2 Student ID Card Issuance for Freshmen 1. Student ID Card serves several useful functions for Yonsei Students; in addition to simply functioning as an identification, the card serves for diverse purposes such ..
[Recruitment] UC-Berkeley Economics Semes..
UIC isnow recruiting students who are interested in UC-Berkeley Economics Semester-Abroad Program (BESAP).We would like to encourage many of you to participate in this UIC exclusive exchange program! Information ses..