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[Recruiting] UIC Design Factory Korea Creative Platform TA
Aug 13, 2020  |  Read: 429

[2020] Design Factory Korea Creative Platform TA Recruitment

Design Factory Korea(DFK) Creative Platform is looking for responsible and enthusiastic students who will fulfil TA duties during 2020 Fall semester.


1. Recruiting Number: 1 (Male student preferred)


2. Qualifications

 - Student who spend most of the time at Songdo Campus and can stay at domitory. 

 - UIC Students (*Techno-Arts Division majors preferred)

- Students who are familiar with prototyping equipments. (General tools, Laser Cutter, 3D printer, CNC, VR device and etc.)


3. Duties and Resposibilities

- Guiding and supervising the use of tools, machines, etc, for RC Creative Platform participants and UIC students visiting the DFK workshop. 

 -Conduct a DFK orientation for RC Creative Platform participants and UIC students  to guide the overall use of the machine and the use of space. 

-Answering machine-related inquiries, etc. and DFK space request by RC Education Center.

- Other support related to RC Creative Platform  events. ( Relevant program event support - Fair, Creative contest etc.)


3. Working hours

- September 17th (Thu) [Beginning on Oreientation Day] ~ December 2nd (Wed)

-  Orientation date :  September 10th (Thu) [Orientation day may change later]

- Sun-Fri  (Maximum 14 hours per week)

※ 4 Days a week - For 2hours : 2 Days a week - For 3hours.

Ex) Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed = 20:00~22:00 / Thu, Fri = 19:00~ 22:00 ( Working time are flexible to change.)


4. Working place

- Wisdom Hall C (PROTOSHOP), Songdo campus


5. Benefits

- 10,000won per hour 

 (50% will be given in the middle of the semester and the remaining 50% will be given at the end of the semester)

- Domitory provided ( Double room)


6. Forms and Submission Process

- Fill in the TA application form

 - Save the form as "TA_Application_first name_last name_student ID number_DFK”.

(*email title: [2020 Fall] DFK TA Application_first name_last name)

- Submit an email to designfactorykorea@yonsei.ac.kr by Friday, August 21st.

* There will be a brief interview, if invited. (August 24th ~ 25th)

* For inquiries: Seon Lee, DFK Coach (designfactorykorea@yonsei.ac.kr, 032-749-3707)


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