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Recruiting: Deep Learning Research Assistants (Prof. Sehun Chun)
Dec 7, 2017  |  Read: 2,492

  The Heart Modeling Centre (HMC), Director Prof. Sehun Chun, is looking for up to two undergraduate research assistants for one year (negotiable) starting January 2018 funded by NRF.  The main task is to study and run Deep Learning programs installed in the newly-acquired supercomputer at HMC for the various biomedical, biophysical and geophysical applications.

  Prior knowledge of Deep Learning is not required, but willingness to explore this exciting field of study is strongly required. Programming experience in C++ or Python is recommended, but not necessary if you are willing to learn programming.

  Maximum 10 hrs per week will be spent for study and research as a regular task. Weekly or biweekly meeting may be required, but physical presence at the HMC centre located in YIC is not required because the supercomputer is accessible online.

  800k won will be paid monthly as a salary and will receive a full support for one international conference.

   For applying for this position, the transcript and short letter of application describing your background and motivation should be directly submitted to the ISED office (email: uic_ised@yonsei.ac.kr Tel: 032-749-3802) by 22nd December.(*** email title: [Deep Learning TA Application])

  For more inquires, please contact to Prof. Sehun Chun at sehun.chun@yonsei.ac.kr.

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