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2020 Fall Semester Graduation Album Photoshoot Schedule
Sep 25, 2020  |  Read: 928

[2020 Fall Semester Graduation Album Photoshoot Schedule]

We ask for your understanding on the schedule changes for this year’s Graduation Album Photoshoot due to COVID-19. Those who wish to take individual photoshoots for the 2020-2 semester can make a reservation through the Seven Color website (http://sevencolor.co.kr)

* To reschedule or cancel your reservation, please contact Seven Color at the latest by 3pm ONE DAY prior to your scheduled time.

1. This photoshoot is for those graduating in February 2021 and August 2021.

   - The photos will be included in the “Year 2021 Graduation Album”, which will be published in February 2021.   

   - Graduation albums are published every February (only once a year)   

   - Therefore, for the August 2020 (prospective) graduates who have not taken their photoshoots last year, their photos from this year’s photoshoot will only be available in February 2021.

2. Photoshoot Location & Schedule

   - Dates: October 12th (Mon.) ~ October 16th (Fri), 09:00 - 16:00   

   - Location: Student Union Building, 4th Floor, Sinchon (Individual photoshoots only)

   *A person who is not taking graduation photos or a person whose temperature is over 37.5 degrees Celsius is not allowed to enter the photoshoot location.

   * A person whose temperature is over 37.5 degrees C (99.5 F) are not admitted to enter the photoshoot location.

3. Photos to be taken during the photoshoot

   - Application Photos (Headshots)

   - Headshots with Graduation Caps   

   - The following photoshoots will NOT take place for the Spring Semester:  (Outdoor) Profile Headshots, Group Photos

For any questions: 02-776-6666 (Seven Color Photos)

*Those who have not paid for the Album fee: Please check the announcements “The Guide on Payment of Graduation Album” on the University homepage. *Additional fees will be asked for the purchase of any individual photos irrelevant to the Graduation Album.

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