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S/U (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory) Evaluation according to Student Selection
Oct 24, 2023  |  Read: 359


S/U (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory) Evaluation according to Student Selection


1. Purpose of the S/U evaluation   
  a. Students can choose to be evaluated based on S/U evaluation within a limited range of courses originally evaluated with letter grades. However, the S/U score is not reflected in the GPA.   
   b. To incentivize students to take challenging courses offered in the disciplines other than their own majors by lowering the burden on grades   
  c. To promote interdisciplinary exchanges and to foster convergent observational and thinking skills by creating an atmosphere in which students in humanities, social studies, science and engineering fields can freely take courses offered by other departments without putting a burden on their grades

2. Allowable range for S/U evaluation   
  a. Allowed range: within 6 credits per semester, within a total of 18 credits during enrolment   
  b. Course restrictions: allowed only when students approved for the first major take courses from departments other than their affiliated department (including their second major, concentration major, and interdisciplinary majors). (Allowed only for major courses with weight 2000 or more)   
  c. University College Courses, Teacher Training Courses, Field-trip Courses, P/NP Evaluation Courses, Graduate School Courses are excluded.   
  d. Common Courses of individual College/Department and Teacher Training Courses are not applicable to S/U Evaluation.        
       * Courses completed by S/U evaluation cannot be acknowledged as Teacher Training courses.           
          E.g. A student of College of Engineering cannot apply for S/U evaluation for a common course of College of Engineering.   
   e. Other major courses stated as ‘inapplicable’ by individual Majors/Departments.

3. S/U evaluation criteria   
  a. For courses with grades of C0 or higher (C0~A+), register as S when grades are registered   
  b. Courses with a grade of C- or lower are listed as U, and credits are not recognized as earned credits.   
  c. Letter grades are considered for evaluation, but only S/U is registered

4. Restrictions for selecting the S/U evaluation   
  a. Courses selected for S/U evaluation are excluded when calculating the criteria for receiving the highest/high honor roll.        
       i. Students with less than 15 credits per semester after excluding the courses with S/U evaluation are not eligible for the highest/high honor roll for the relevant semester.        
      ii. Students who received a U grade in the S/U evaluation courses are not eligible for the highest/high honor roll for the relevant semester.   
  b. Courses Grade selected for S/U evaluation are reflected as original letter grades when screening Korea Student Aid Foundation scholarships.   
  c. Courses Grade selected for S/U evaluation are reflected as S/U grades when screening on-campus/off-campus scholarships.

5. Eligibility and application period for S/U evaluation   
  a. Sinchon/International Campus students (excluding students from the College of Medicine, College of Dentistry)   
  b. 2023.11. 1.(Wed) 9:00 ~ 11. 3.(Fri) 17:00       
      ※ Courses opened during the winter and summer sessions are not applicable for S/U evaluation
c. Go to Yonsei Portal (http://portal.yonsei.ac.kr/ → Log in → Academic Information System → Academic Information → Grades → S/U evaluation application)

6. Notes   
  a. Change/cancellation is not allowed after the S/U evaluation application period 
  b. In case of re-taking a course completed through S/U assessment, course repetition is allowed four times maximum and credits will be canceled and will be evaluated based on letter grades (Students may also apply for S/U assessment for the retaking courses)  
  c. Application for S/U evaluation is possible when re-taking courses completed in letter grades
  d. Courses credits completed by S/U evaluation prior to minor/double major approval can be counted as the minor/double major credits.





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