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University Measures in Response to Seoul Metropolitan Area’s Elevated Social Distancing Level 2
Sep 2, 2020  |  Read: 477

Yonsei University has decided to implement the following additional measures from Wednesday, September 2 to Sunday, September 6, in response to the government's strengthened “Social Distancing” measures in the Seoul metropolitan area. We sincerely request your cooperation as we fight to end the COVID-19 pandemic and vanguard the safety of the members of the Yonsei community.  

1. Closing of Central Library

A. Period: September 2-6, 2020 (Period may be extended depending on the COVID-19 situation)
B. Guidelines
 - Access to the library building and all facilities are restricted.
 - All due dates for materials on loan will be automatically extended. (Additional fees for overdue materials during the closed period will be waived.) 
 - Materials loan is prohibited. Only users who have received an arrival notification of reserved materials can get limited access to the library loaning service. [Contact the person in charge (Tel. 02-2123-3319) to pick up your materials at the main entrance of the Central Library.] 

2. Student Union Building

- All student-governed spaces (e.g., student club rooms, Student Council room) will be closed.
- Other spaces will be operated for shorter hours on the condition that they comply with disinfection rules.  

3. Building Entry Restriction

Only entrants with a registered KT Telecop ID card (e.g., personal ID card, student ID card) for the building or entrants who received approval via QR code at the entrance may get access to the building. 

4. Other Guidelines

- The office overseeing the building will lock all unapproved spaces (e.g., classrooms, seminar rooms) to avoid unauthorized meetings. 
- On-campus facilities such as Baekyangnuri and dormitories will be operated by the Seoul Metropolitan Government's disinfection rules.
- All faculty members (including instructors), staff, and students are advised to refrain from social activities in consideration of the seriousness of the circumstances. 

Yonsei University plans to continue these measures if there are no changes in the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s disinfection rules. The extension of the measures will be decided on Saturday, September 5.  


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