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COVID-19 Social Distancing Adjusted to Level 1 (from Oct.12)
Oct 20, 2020  |  Read: 598

COVID-19 Social Distancing Adjusted to Level 1 (from Oct.12)

- Strengthen accurate quarantine management for high-risk multi-use facilities-

Social Distancing Revision Plan

1. Meeting?Gathering?Event  

(Metropolitan area) Adviced to refrain from more than 50indoor, 100outdoor persons.  (Exhibition, Festivals, Big-scale concerts, Academic Event 1person per 4㎡ )  

(Non-Metropolitan area) Permitted  (Exhibition, Expo, Festival, Big-scale concerts, Academic Event 1person per 4㎡)

2. High-Risk Facilities (11 Facilities*)

 High-Risk Facilities (11 Facilities*)

(National) Prohibiting the collection of direct sales promotion centers, such as door-to-door sales, and mandating the prevention of epidemics on 11 types of facilities.  

* Entertainment bars such as clubs, colladiscotech, karaoke bars, club style bars, hunting  pocha, singing practice areas, distribution and logistics centers.

 Indoor standing performance hall, indoor group exercise, large academy (300 or more), Buffet

3. Other Multi-use Facilities(16 types of facilities)  

(Metropolitan area) Mandatory 16 types of high-risk prevention regulations, such as restaurants and cafes.  (Non-metropolitan area) Recommend to comply social distancing rules

4. Sports Event  

(Nationa) Limiting the number of Audience(up to 30%)

5. National and Public Facilities

(National) Operation is possible; limited personnel (up to 50%)

6. Church  

(Metropolitan area) Face-to-face worship is possible, but limit the number of people, meetings and meals are prohibited.  (non-metropolitan area) implemented according to local circumstances.

7. Social Welfare Facilities, Day care Centers

(National) Operation is possible(in strict compliance with quarantine rules)

8. Agency/ Enterprise

 (National) Public: Minimize work density, such as flexibility and work from home (1/3 of the total number of employees)  Private sector: Recommend to revitalize flexibility, work from home etc.

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