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2021 Peer-Mentoring Buddy Program
Feb 8, 2021  |  Read: 474

Dear International Students, Welcome to Yonsei University!

May I introduce myself? I am a Professor of Yonsei Graduate School of Theology and I also serve as a Chaplain. Next Semester I am conducting a social service class for a Peer-Mentoring Buddy Program. Goal and conditions: The aim of this course is to support international students through a mentoring program and to encourage them by making a buddy. All Korean students and international students familiar with the Yonsei University system are welcome to participate as mentors in this course. English is the language of communication. Method: This course is designed to identify international students and accompany them through the semester in their life in Korean society in general and campus life in particular. This peer mentoring program is a tool for students interested in strengthening campus life. Peer mentors are responsible for accompanying mentee cohorts. In order to give general and practical support to the international students the course participants should consult with their mentees in planning their program. Accompanying sessions are offered on and off campus with days and times appropriate to mentors and mentees needs (in total around 30 hours per semester, including orientation and report time). Notes: Every effort will be made to match students with a mentor or provide an alternative resource. Also, please be aware that mentors do not re-teach courses. This is a Pass/Non Pass system for mentors. Withdrawal is not allowed after the enrollment correction period. International mentees should come with specific questions or concerns. There is no student financial support or cost for this service.

Now, some questions for those who want to participate as a mentee:

1.    What is your availability? 2. What are some qualities you look for in a mentor? 3. What are some things you would like to gain as a mentee? 4. What activities would you like to participate in? 5. Which areas in your life do you feel you need help in? Please return your responses to these questions to me by Feb. 14, 2021: gocmh@yonsei.ac.kr

The selected mentee will be notified by email. Best wishes!

Meehyun Chung, Prof. Dr. theol. University Chaplain/Professor of Systematic Theology, United Graduate School of Theology, Yonsei University

TEL: 02-2123-5041 www.credo.or.kr

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