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Tuition Installment Plan(TIP) Guidelines for 2021 Fall Semester
Apr 9, 2021  |  Read: 164

Tuition Installment Plan(TIP) Guidelines for 2021 Fall Semester

(3rd payment for applicants for 4 tuition installment plan,

2nd payment for applicants for 2 tuition installment plan)


1. Qualification 

- Students who paid 1st and 2nd payment in 4 tuition installment plan

- Students who paid 1st payment in 2 tuition installment plan


2. Registration period 

- 2021. 4. 9.(Fri) 09:30 ~ 4. 12.(Mon) 17:00

(To pay at the bank counter, please visit a bank by 16:00)


3. Methods of payment 

1) Print your bill : 2021. 4. 9.(Fri) 09:30 ~ 4. 12.(Mon) 17:00

(Visit ‘Yonsei Portal System (http://portal.yonsei.ac.kr/main/indexe.jsp) → tuition and payment → Registration → Print/Registration → Browse/Registration → Print the bill)

2) It is possible to pay through internet banking, phone banking, ATM transfer, and at the bank counter. 

A) Remittance charge may be charged if you transfer your installments using other banks excluding Woori bank. 

B) Make an accurate deposit of the total tuition amount.

C) One virtual deposit account is provided for each student. Registration can be made automatically even if the deposit in the virtual account is made by another person. 

D) You cannot pay by credit card for the Tuition Installment Plan.


4. Upcoming schedule

1) 4th payment for 4 time TIP applicants : 2021. 4. 30.(Fri) 09:30 ~ 5. 3.(Mon) 17:00


5. Please pay attention to the following details 

1) You will be expelled if the tuition is not paid by the designated date under article 35 of the school regulation.

2) If students fail to make a payment during each scheduled period, application for the TIP will be cancelled automatically and the full remaining balance must be paid immediately. If not, students will be prohibited from completing the relevant semester according to school regulations (NOT CARRIED OVER TO NEXT PAYMENT)

3) You can't pay by credit card after TIP cancelled

4) Application for TIP (for 2021-2nd semester) will be prohibited for students who have not make their scheduled payment

5) You can check every details about registration (ex, print bill and payment verification) on Yonsei Portal System

6) More contacts 

- Tuition: Financial accounting team, 82-2-2123-4500

- Scholarship: Scholarship & career service team, 82-2-2123-8191



Vice President for General Affairs, Yonsei University

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