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[Academy of American Poets] Student Poetry Prize: Announcement
Jun 30, 2021  |  Read: 328

[Academy of American Poets] Student Poetry Prize: Announcement

2021 Winners:   Sarang Lee  “reel”  ;  Ye Eun Lee  “Sandglass”
Honorable Mention: Yena Im

Judges: Joon-Hwan Kim, Kelly Walsh, Krys Lee, Loren Goodman, Peter Paik

All students are encouraged to enter the 2022 contest:
Submit ­­­­­­­3 Poems in English. Poems must be original (no translations).
Location: via e-mail to loren.goodman@gmail.com
Submission Period: April 1—April 30, 2022.
Eligible Students: UIC and all students of the English Department, both undergraduate and graduate.

* Guidelines: submit your poems in .docx form with a cover page listing your name, titles of poems, graduation year (specify UIC or ENG), date of birth, e-mail address and student ID number. Your name must not appear on any part of the submission other than the cover page. The Prize was established at Yonsei University in 2011 through the generous funding of the Department of English Language and Literature and Underwood International College.

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