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Yonsei University Guidance on Gender-based Violence Prevention Programs
Aug 29, 2019  |  Read: 613


Yonsei University Guidance on Gender-based Violence Prevention Programs

Yonsei University offers both in person and online training program for its members, to join the government and other universities’ efforts in creating a society free of sexual violence, domestic violence, and prostitution.

The sharp increase in the number of sexual offenses, human rights violations, and hate crimes - not just in universities but everywhere in the society - has augmented the need for Gender Based Violence Prevention Programs.

Efforts to prevent any type of violence within our campus is asked from everyone.

Yonsei University has made Gender-based Violence Prevention Programs always available online to help its members raise human rights awareness, and to prevent sexual offenses from occurring.

We ask all Yonsei University members to actively participate in the collective endeavor to protect human rights and stop sexual violence.


■All students are required to complete training courses in sexual violence prevention, sexual harassment prevention once a year.

■You may receive your program completion certificate on the website as soon as you finish taking all the required courses.

■Off-line traning can be applied by department or club members.

Contact: Center for Gender Equity(genderedu@yonsei.ac.kr/ T. 2123-2137, 2118)

■We hope you complete all the programs before second semester.




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