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Recruiting Office Assistant for the UIC Office at International Campus (Songdo)
Jun 14, 2022  |  Read: 303

Recruiting Office Assistant for the UIC Office at International Campus (Songdo) 

The UIC office at International Campus is looking for office assistants for Summer 2022.

 Qualification: Undergraduate students 

International students on leave of absence are NOT ELIGIBLE to apply due to the immigration policy. However, undergraduate Korean nationals on leave of absence and non-UIC students are eligible for the position. 

Appointment Period:  June 22, 2022 ~ August 31, 2022 

Hours: Mon~ Fri 9:00 ~ 17:00, maximum 14 hours/week (Please indicate your availability in the attached document and there must be NO conflict with the class schedule regardless of its structure -virtual / in-person )

Work Location: 진리관B (Veritas Hall B) Room 420

Payment: KRW 9,160/hour (Lunch break is paid) 


1)  Fluency in both Korean and English is a must.

2)  Experience working in an office environment is preferred.

3) Basic knowledge in photoshop and illustrator is prefferred. 


1) Answering phone calls and doing mail run. 

2) Basic translation from Korean to English and vice versa. 

3) Document processing. 

4) Asssist UIC campus events. 

5) Other administrative support for the UIC staff. 

Application Deadline: June 17, 2022 9AM

Application Process: Fill out the attached application form and submit it to  uic_students@yonsei.ac.kr

* The application form must be submitted as "[UIC Office TA] name_student ID number" with the email titled as Summer 2022 UIC Office TA Application 

 *There is a possibility of having a brief interview.

Please feel free to contact uic_students@yonsei.ac.kr if you have any questions.

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