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2022 Fall Bachelor & Master’s Accelerated Degree Program
Jun 16, 2022  |  Read: 193

2022 Fall Bachelor & Master’s Accelerated Degree Program

2022학년도 후기 학부-대학원 연계과정 입학전형 안내



- Degree: Master OR Joint (M.S.+Ph.D) program in Innovation


- Students in undergraduate programs at Yonsei

- Students who have completed 4 - 7 semesters and have a cumulative GPA of 3.3/4.3 or above

- Students who are recommended by the advising professor and dean of his/her department

- Students who have transferred or students who have received an academic warning are not eligible to apply.

Scholarships and other advantages

- Admitted students will receive the Accelerated Degree Program Scholarship depending on the admission evaluation up to the 3rd semester of the master’s program. Scholarship details will be announced together with the admission result.


관심있는 학부생은 https://graduate.yonsei.ac.kr/graduate/admission/connect_fall_schedule.do 링크를 통해 자세한 내용 확인바랍니다.

 접수 일자: 2022. 7. 7.(목) ~ 7. 14.(목) 18:00 마감

접수 방법: 제출서류(4종류를 순서대로 정리)를 PDF파일로 스캔하여 yonsei_cc@yonsei.ac.kr로 이메일 첨부하여 제출

※ [대학원 지원학과 주임교수 확인서] 관련 문의처 : uicinv@yonsei.ac.kr , 032-749-3762

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