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50th St. Gallen Symposium
Dec 5, 2019  |  Read: 304

2020 <Participants Recruitment for 50th St. Gallen Symposium I Leaders of Tomorrow>
“Freedom Revisited”

2020. 05. 07 (Thur) – 05. 08 (Fri) | St. Gallen, Switzerland

“Building a platform for the future society through discussions with global leaders, we look forward to young Leaders of Tomorrow’s participation in St. Gallen Symposium ”

***Participation expenses are fully sponsored by Sungjoo Group***

Sungjoo Group is a non-profit women’s welfare foundation established in 2009 to contribute to corporate social responsibility and social development. The foundation sponsors a variety of projects, including education for global women leaders, support for the underprivileged, and support for art and culture.

The St. Gallen Symposium, sponsored by the Sungjoo Group as a part of global women’s leadership network, has been held annually since 1969 at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. It is a global platform that creates a future society through unity and communication through discussion of various topics between current and next-generation leaders. The University of St. Gallen’s is Switzerland’s largest business-oriented university with a long history of education focused on fostering economic and business, administrative and political, and judicial leaders. We look forward to participation of Leaders of Tomorrow who will lead a bright future through heated discussions at the internationally renowned University of St. Gallen.


-Application Schedule-
A. Application period: 2019. 12. 4 (Mon) ~ 2020. 1. 31 (Fri)

B. Purpose: Contribution to the construction of a new future society through the experience of current and future global leaders gathering in one place to discuss global issues and exchange opinions.

C. Eligibility:
1) English speakers who is under 30 years old or in early 30s.
2) Female student seeking responsibility and change
3) Those who can share new perspectives and opinions through discussions on various topics

D. How to apply: applying via email to Sungjoo Group
▶ eunjung.kwak@sungjoogroup.com
*English resume / your plan during participation and perspectives on attending the symposium

E. Application schedule:
1) Application deadline: 2020. 1. 31 (Fri)
2) Document screening announcement: 2020. 2. 28 (Fri)
3) Interview period: to be announced
4) Final announcement: to be announced

F. Symposium schedule: 2020. 5. 7 (Thur) ~ 2020. 5. 8 (Fri) | St. Gallen, Switzerland

***Participation expenses are fully sponsored by Sungjoo Group***

Host | St. Gallen Symposium
Sponsor | Sungjoo Group
Inquiry | Sungjoo Group Eunjung Kwak, Phone: 02) 2194-6716 / eunjung.kwak@sungjoogroup.com
Sungjoo group Jungwon Kim, Phone: 02) 2194-3896 / jungwon.kim@sungjoogroup.com

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