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DFK Participates in International Design Factory Week 2018

A mission to create change in the world of learning and research through passion-based culture and effective problem solving


Design Factory Global Network (DFGN) is a network of innovation platforms that drive change in their own institutions for a better learning culture, whether it is in a university or a research center. The network now expanded to 24 Design Factories in 21 countries.


International Design Factory Week (IDFW) is the annual opportunity for DFGN members to meet, plan for collaboration and learn more about the best practices in the network. IDFW is also the main decision making platform for the network. Every year the week is organized in a new location offering the opportunity to learn more about the hosting Design Factory. Last year, Underwood International College (UIC) successfully hosted IDFW at Design Factory Korea (DFK). This year, the 7th iteration of the event was hosted by Porto Design Factory.


Professor Jung Hoon Lee (Associate Dean of UIC, Director of DFK), Professor Semee Yoon (Co-director of DFK), Professor Younah Kang (Chair of IID), Professor Kee Heon Lee (Professor of CTM) and Chanhee Lee (DFK coach) participated in IDFW 2018 to engage in this 5-day workshop to achieve the following objectives with the other 46 faculty, coaches and researchers from 21 Design Factories in 29 countries: planning for collaboration, getting to know each other, DFGN development, and interacting with the host Design Factory and its ecosystem.



DFGN as a network is defined by the collaborative activities that the individual Design Factories do together. A significant part of the week’s program was reserved for the participants to take their project initiatives together with interested people from other Design Factories.



DFGN is built around the people in the different Design Factories. To help for planning for collaboration, different ways to create interaction were used for people to get to know each other.



IDFW as the annual face-to-face meeting of the DFGN is also an opportunity to develop the network and its activities. As a specific session, Agile Work, a workplace transformation company, was invited to run a workshop to try to explicate what is Design Factory culture



The hosting Design Factory has the opportunity to organize part of the weeks program based on their needs. For the DFGN, this is an opportunity to better understand the hosting DF and their ecosystem for possible future collaboration.


A new addition for this year was Rapid Action Week (RAW), a parallel program for Design Factory students. The student team was tasked to rethink what the Design Factory concept could be in 2028. 14 Design Factories sent a student to participate to RAW. Soh Heum Hwang (Interaction and Information Design 15) represented DFK at this student summit. The RAW was team coached by Harri from Ideasquare and Carolina from Porto Design Factory.


A total of 20 collaboration projects, 2 of which are initiated by DFK, were ideated, developed and made concrete during IDFW 2018.


The next IDFW will be hosted by Nexus Design Factory in Philadelphia, USA, from October 7 to 11, 2019.

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