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Social Innovation Consulting Competition Final Pitch

The 1st Prize Winner of SK Group's SPC Awards, Team MicroWave of UIC


Participants of the Social Innovation Consulting Competition invested tremendous time, effort, and energy over the course of a few months into investigating and coming up with solutions to specific social issues that they identified. Team DAK analysed various social issues involving the city of Andong’s slower growth compared to other cities, and forged ahead with a proposal to put an end to the aging society within Andong. Team Wegether took notice of the safety systems that protect vulnerable individuals after dusk, identifying the drawbacks of the existing apparatus that provide “safe return-home” services. Team MicroWave targeted the problem of socio-environmental damage occurring from food waste produced by small restaurants and households. The problem-solving skills of the teams were put to the test as they sought to create material impact on society, with their work spanning from research, data analysis, ideation, to creation.


At the Social Innovation Consulting Competition Final Pitch, held in the Eugene Lounge of Daewoo Hall Annex on April 2, 2018, the students presented their work to faculty, industry experts, UIC alumni, and leading professionals of various fields. Team MicroWave, consisting of Seoyeon Kim, Yeyoung Kim, and Yaejin Jeon, were awarded the first prize in the 2018 Social Innovation Consulting Competition. The winning team honed in to the socially and environmentally damaging consequences of food waste, identifying that most of the food waste produced in Korea came from small restaurants and households. The team devised a path to decrease food waste produced from small businesses, crafting a strategy that allows for stockpiled food to be sold at a cheaper price. The panelists commended the winners for their hard work in identifying a win-win strategy that not only benefits buyers and sellers but also the environment.


Following the Social Innovation Consulting Competition, the winning trio were tasked to prepare a comprehensive presentation for the SPC Awards, which was organised by the SK Group on April 19, 2018. Despite facing strong competition from about 130 other teams, Team MicroWave, with great mastery and understanding of the business model and a concerted effort in preparation, won the 1st Prize at the SK Group’s SPC Awards. Mr. Choi, Chief Executive Officer of the SK Group, congratulated the team for the accomplishments, and encouraged the student participants to continue being social entrepreneurs who would further social impact.

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