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ISE Laboratory Opening Ceremony

On August 21, 2018, an open event was held celebrating ISE Public Laboratory at room B404 of  the International Campus of Yonsei University. Establishing a suitable experimental environment was essential for NSE, BC, and EESE which are UIC Integrated Science and Engineering Division’s three majors with science and engineering convergence. ISE Public Laboratory is now open to offer a common experimental environment for all three majors and secure an exclusive ISED laboratory space for each use. 


In the Public Laboratory of Integrated Science and Engineering Division, various experimental equipments are accessible. These experimental equipments are Fume hood which serves as a physical barrier to protect users from harmful chemical vapors and liquids, the Air gun which blows off the wafer or the liquid remaining in the experimental device, Reagent storage for safe storage of chemicals, Electronic scale for accurate mass measurement, Optical microscope which magnifies certain parts of the surface to closely observe, Stirring hot plate which helps forming a solution by mixing soluble and solvent, Ultrasonic cleaner which cleans and removes substances that need to be removed, and Spin Coater which uses centrifugal force to coat an object with a uniform film. The event was attended by Professor Taeyoon Sung (Dean of Underwood International College), Professor Hyun Jae Kim (Associate Dean of Academic Affairs), Professor Jong Hak Kim (Director of ISED), Professor Jiwon Kim (Chair of NSE), Professor Rajkumar Patel, and seven members of the student council representative. ISE major courses such as, Introduction to Nanotechnology and Laboratory, Lab on Organic Chemistry & Instrumental Analysis, Lab on Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and many others will be offered to students in the future.

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