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DFK Capstone Gala Night 2019

On June 18, DFK Capstone Gala Night was held in Eugene Lounge, Daewoo Annex Hall, hosted by Underwood International College and Design Factory Korea. DFK celebrated the final outcomes of Techno-Art Capstone Project, along with the DFK Capstone Project Exhibition 2019. The exhibition was held for a week from June 18 to 21at the same venue.


36 DFK students with backgrounds in design, technology, and business enrolled in this year’s capstone project course where they work together to propose innovative solutions to diverse sustainable development problems. All teams underwent four stages of observation, conceptualization, prototyping, and evaluation. For the Spring semester of 2019, nine teams presented their business models and prototypes of their solutions at this exhibition. Team Aneme, Team S-DOC, and Team Air doctor were awarded for their ideas on an anemia detection app that lets users screen for anemia with their smartphones at an affordable price, on an app that enables people to diagnose skin condition by themselves, and on a mask dispensers designed primarily for children.


DFK Capstone Gala Night started with the welcoming remark by Professor Junghoon Lee, the Director of Design Factory Korea. Following the remark, Professor Samyoul Lee, the Director of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences Division, congratulated the students for successfully completing the courses. Professor Junghoon Lee, Professor Younah Kang, and Professor Hye Rim Hong who co-instructed the courses also encouraged the students.


This exhibition was to celebrate the conclusion of the projects’ journey. But it also provided an opportunity that encouraged casual encounters and spontaneous discussions among the faculty, the students and this year’s industry partner, Samsung Electronics, as well.

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