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UIC Exclusive Exchange Program Welcome Lunch

On August 27th, Fall 2019 UIC Exclusive Exchange Program Welcome Lunch was held at Allen Hall. Both inbound and outbound students (exclusive exchange progam) were invited to explore life in Yonsei and interact with other exchange students. The welcome lunch is held every semester and it marks the start of their academic journey in Yonsei.


The exchange students not only had a chance to interact with another but also had a chance to hear the survival tips from Karen Wang (Culture and Design Management 17’5), the Chair of Student Ambassadors, Karen shared practical information for students including the best lunch place in campus, how to use Yonsei mobile applications, and even hidden gems in Seoul.


The Dean of Underwood International College, Professor Taeyoon Sung, emphasized that all members of the college welcome the students and are dedicated to provide safe environment. The Director of Underwood Division, Professor Chulyoung Kim, added that he suggests students to try something new and be part of the local culture in order to get most out of the exchange program.


The Underwood International College has exclusive exchange programs with the most prestigious universities in the world. The partner institutions include but are not limited to Dartmouth College, one of the eight members of the Ivy League, Amherst College, the best Liberal Arts College in the U.S, and The University of Hong Kong.

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