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DFK Rat Relay 2019

14 UIC students participated in Rat Relay, a global design hackathon organized by the Design Factory Global Network on May 2nd, 3rd and 8th of 2019. The project aims to tackle the issues about the university context and linked to a specific Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) in 36 hours.


Nine design factories participated in the event including Design Factory Korea, Cali Design Factory, Design Factory Jaberiana Bogota in Colombia, Aalto Design Factory in Finland, Ghent Design Factory in Belgium, Sino-Finnish Centre in China, Design Factory New Zealand in New Zealand, NYC Design Factory in the U.S., and RTU Design Factory in Latvia.


The challenge DFK suggested was the “Encouraging women in maker culture”. The specific goal of this challenge was to encourage women so that they could also take lead in a sustainable manner within the maker culture. DFK Students deemed this issue, related to the fourth SDG, to be pertinent, not only because it is the global issue, but also because the outcomes could promote more female students to visit and work at the DFK ProtoShop.


The participants learned about design thinking process and worked in teams, applying design thinking methods and toolkits, and prototyping ideas. The challenge was to make the most out of the six-hour slot before handing the project over to another team in another Design Factory around the globe.

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