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UIC International Students Dinner with the President


On May 6th, and October 10th, the President of Yonsei University, Professor Yong-Hak Kim, invited UIC international students to the President’s Residence for dinner. The dinner with the President is one of the rare occasions for the students to talk and take a selfie with the President.


The dinner began with the special performance of one of the UIC student clubs, UVE (Underwood Vision Ensemble). The classical music performed by UVE set the tone for the event and the Dean of Underwood International College, Professor Taeyoon Sung, introduced the President. The President welcomed the students and emphasized that UIC has become Yonsei’s flagship international program in a short period of time. The President stated that barriers among different field of knowledge are obsolete in modern day research and the interdisciplinary nature of the UIC majors will allow the students to become the leaders we need today.


More than 150 international students and faculty enjoyed the dinner and had time to interact with another. As UIC is a global community with students from 70 countries, wide range of cuisines including Korean barbeque, friend chicken, and vegetarian options was provided. In addition, students enjoyed K-POP dance performances of a student club FEVER. Having dinner at the President’s Residence with friends is not a day-to-day occasion and all the members of UIC thank the President for the event.

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