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UIC Science Fair 2020 Goes Online

by Soeun Lee (NSE ‘19)


The UIC Science Fair 2020, organized by the Integrated Science and Engineering Academic Society (ISEAS) and the Integrated Science and Engineering Division, was held online via ZOOM on November 25, 2020. The event celebrated students’ achievements in scientific research and was a big success with all the participation and kind interests of the UIC community. Despite the pandemic, 22 students presented their research on various topics ranging from nanotechnology and biotechnology, to environmental science and engineering.

ISEAS students safely-distanced and hard at work facilitating the 2021 Virtual Science Fair 

The event not only offered the presenters opportunities to further improve their research through discussion with professors, but also allowed the audience of diverse academic backgrounds to acquire new knowledge and insights into scientific research, reflecting the vibrant intellectual exchange taking place at UIC. “The event enabled me to learn about topics that I wouldn’t have ever encountered otherwise, which I believe allowed me a broader perspective towards the world around me,” a non-science major student commented.“ The presentations allowed me to consider my future career as a researcher and also motivated me to conduct a science experiment right away,” an engineering major student said in the interview with ISEAS.

A slide from Haebin Kim's presentation on exosome-liposome hybrids 

This year, the Best Presentation Award was presented to the following students for the accomplishments on their impressive research:

  • Haebin Kim (BC ‘17): “Exosome-liposome hybrid, a potential carrier for drug delivery across blood brain barrier”
  • Sung Jun Hong (NSE ‘15), “Unexpectedly High Thermoelectric Properties of Hexagonal SiGe”
  • Jiyong Lee (EESE ‘15), “Solid Oxide Fuel Cell–Gas Turbine (SOFC-GT) Hybrid System”
  • Sooyeon Park (LSBT ‘17), “Noncanonical Head-to-Head Hairpin DNA Dimerization for the Synthesis of Orange Emissive Silver Nanoclusters”
  • Sungmin Park (BC ‘15), “Dynamic Functional Connectivity in the Brain: Clustering Analysis Reveals State Transitions in Youth with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD)”
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