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UIC Information and Interaction Design Major Opens 6th Senior Exhibition

by Yura Bahng (IID ’16)


 Entrance to "MMXX," the 6th IID Senior Exhibit 

On December 10, 2020, Information and Interaction Design Major (a.k.a. IID) held their 6th Senior Exhibition in Muak Rotary Club Hall, Baekyang Nuri Hall of Yonsei University, Sinchon Campus.

 IID aims to foster global designers who can discover, analyze, and improve existing problems and develop new values and experiences through the innovative design of information, products, and services. Students can enroll in various project-based courses to understand and utilize problem-solving methods of design, technology, and human behavior.

The exhibition, with the theme of “MMXX” (i.e. year of 2020 in Roman Numerals) featured 18 individual student works ranging from UX (User Experience) design to motion graphics, packaging design, game, branding, and AR technology. Each work reflected the interests and talents of students and explored various trends found in today’s ever-changing society. Among them were a mobile simulation game that gives indirect experience in conflicts at work, an outsourcing comment system service that filters and raises awareness of malicious comments, an AR installation that alleviates negative attitudes toward artificial meat, and a motion graphics artwork that visualizes personal information circulating in QR codes.

IID MMXX proceeded for 4 days and ended on December 13, 2020. Following the COVID regulations, all visitors needed to wear masks and no more than 12 people were to be present in the exhibition hall. For those who could not visit the exhibition, images of the displayed works, videos of students introducing their works, and a 360-degree VR video of the exhibition space are available on the official website (https://www.tadexhibition-2020.com/).

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