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Student Care at a Distance


• Welcoming the Class of 2020.5

Because the Korean academic year begins in March, Underwood International College welcomes our cohort of “.5” freshmen every fall semester. In a typical semester, these freshmen would also join our Residential College program at the Songdo International Campus, a quintessential experience for first-year Yonsei students. However, due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, only a small group of international students without a residence in Korea were able to enter the dorms.

Moving countries is nerve-racking under any circumstances, but especially so during a pandemic. In order to help our newly-arrived international students feel a little more acclimated, UIC prepared small presents for them. Each gift consisted of various UIC items and five KF-94 masks. It also included their very own UIC teddy bear, “Yeon-gommie” (gom is the Korean word for “bear”), which we hoped would become their very first roommate in Korea.





• Fueling for Midterms

Who doesn’t need a quick snack break while studying for exams?

In October, the UIC Administration Team decided to surprise our students with midterm snack packs. Any UIC student who was residing in the Songdo dorms far away from family was eligible to come to Veritas Hall B for their afternoon pick-me-up.

This semester’s snack consisted of vegan cookies and juice. In order to facilitate a safe and distanced distribution, the cookies were pre-packaged in individual bags of four. Also, our student helpers were asked to wear masks and plastic gloves for the entire duration. Thanks to their help, especially through the chilly autumn weather, their peers at Songdo were able to enjoy a much-needed sugar break to energize them for the rest of midterms.    

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