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Comments from the UIC Administration Team


The 2020 academic year has been a difficult one, to say the least. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything about the university atmosphere, from class delivery format to even the number of people on campus each day. Every member of the greater Yonsei community has had to make adjustments, including those of us on the UIC Administration Team. We’ve reflected on this previous year, focusing on what we continue to value most about our work, despite all the unprecedented challenges.  

 From our Administration and Division Directors:

 "We find ourselves in the middle of a battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. However, I believe the words of Romans 08:28: 'And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.' I deeply appreciate all the members of Underwood International College, who are contributing to this remarkable institution.” 

Dean Taeyoon Sung

“Having served as Associate Dean of Academic Affairs for several years, last year was the most challenging year for me along with COVID-19 pandemic times. Most of all, it was the toughest thing for me that I could not see the passionate UIC students on our campus. So, I hope that there will come a day in 2021 when UIC students come back to campus and study as before with the welcome of faculty and officers who are working hard at their respective places.”      

Dr. Hyunjae Kim, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

“UIC is a unique place for students to learn and grow internationally, and I’m happy to be a part of this wonderful community.”

Dr. Chulyoung Kim, Associate Dean of Planning & Director of Underwood Division

“Dear UICians,

With the start of the spring semester, the azaleas are blooming on our Sinchon campus.

You are truly missed, and the faculty and staff at UIC wish you well. Until we can safely return to our campus, please keep yourselves in good health and high spirits.”

Dr. Helen J.S. Lee, Associate Dean of International Affairs

"2020 has been quite special with an unprecedented circumstance and new challenges, but it was amazing to watch how all of us have been adjusting and overcoming in different ways. I hope we have learned something during and after we get through.”

Dr. Soojin Jun, Director of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences Division (AY 2020)

“It was my first year as the ISED director, I appreciate everyone who helped me under the COVID-19 crisis.”

Dr. Sangyup Lee, Director of Integrated Science and Engineering Division


From our Administrative Staff: 

“Thanks to the UIC family who worked hard, I felt the pride and confidence of UIC in 2020. I am pleased to welcome new freshmen, faculty, and staff members to UIC. I hope we will enjoy a beautiful campus in the fall semester.” -Daeshik Jung, Director of Administration

“I believe the Covid-19 situation has allowed me the patience to keep the daily work as well as the courage to carry out new projects such as virtual graduation ceremony.” - Minyoung Shin, Faculty Affairs

“As the person in charge of the virtual commencement, I was grateful that I could celebrate the Class of 2021 and help them share their precious memories from UIC.” - Sun Ah Key,  Student Affairs

“The novel issues raised by COVID-19 (such as quarantine restrictions and online classes) were some of the biggest challenges of my career. I believe that we were able to address these problems with the cooperation, understanding, and support of the UIC community. I hope the worst is behind us in terms of the pandemic, and I am confident that we can handle any future difficulties by working as one team.“ - Youngsun Cho, Academic Affairs, CC Registrar, Scholarships 

"At a time of great uncertainty and anxiety, I was grateful that my colleagues and I were able to cooperate and continue to provide quality support to faculty and students.” - Jinwoo Nam, HASS Registrar

“In my six years at UIC, last semester was my first as a registrar. Despite the initial challenges, I feel more adjusted by the day, and it was a pleasure familiarizing myself with another aspect of administration at UIC.” - Junyoung Chang, UD Registrar

“Introducing UIC online was definitely a new experience, but I really enjoyed meeting prospective students in the virtual fairs. it is always a pleasure welcoming them as freshmen. and I wish we could welcome the students on campus soon.” - Minchul Noh, Admissions Officer

“The ISE laboratory has been renewed with new equipment in the 2020 academic year. I hope that all ISED members could come on campus to utilize it soon!” - Shinhea Kang, ISE Registrar

“Nothing would have been possible without the UIC office student assistants. Truly appreciate their support and services.” - Sinwoo Lee, Faculty & Student Services

“I really enjoyed coordinating the alumni interviews with UIC Scribe for this issue of the newsletter. I hope current UIC students will benefit from reading about our alumni's experiences.” - Jae Lee | PR Officer

“I feel great responsibility and a sense of reward in taking care of UIC's first cohort of graduate students.” - Yoojung Hur, Department of Innovation & Design Factory Korea

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