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Shinhan Seminar with Stanford Professor Ban Wang

Underwood International College welcomed Dr. Ban Wang, the William Haas Professor in Chinese Studies and Professor of Comparative Literature at Stanford University, as the Distinguished Shinhan Visiting Faculty of Summer 2018. Professor Wang’s seminar on “Modern Chinese Literature: Tradition, Modernity, and Revolution” was a two-week intensive session that offered UIC students to comprehend the ways modern Chinese culture and politics evolved from the past to the present and also explore subjects closely associated to themes of tradition, modernity, individualism, gender, revolution, and global capitalism through Chinese Literature.


This past spring, Professor Wang also offered a special lecture, Nature in Modern Confucianism: Ecological Motifs in Kang Youwei’s Great Community, which focuses on Kang Youwei, a true Confucian critic who recaptures Confucian cosmology and delves into the widening abyss between value and history, utopian ideals and human civilization.  Violette Marie Cambon, a master’s student from University of Geneva, stated "the lecture was very informative and inspired me to come up with the topic for my master's thesis."

Since 2006, UIC has invited scholars with global recognition and outstanding academic achievements to provide students with valuable opportunities to enrich their academic experiences. Prominent figures such as Nobel Chemistry Laureate Wüthrich, Former OECD Secretary-General Donald Johnston, and Professor Chang-Rae Lee of Princeton University’s College of Literary Creation, and many more, have visited UIC throughout the semesters and closely engaged with students and faculty.

The Shinhan Lecture and Seminar series are excellent and privileged opportunities for both UIC students and faculty to work with major intellectual figures from all over the world.

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