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UIC Writing Center

One-to-One Writing Support for UIC Students                     


The UIC Writing Center opened its doors to all UIC students on August 21. The Writing Center is designed to support all aspects of student writing—from specific assignments to general writing skills—at all levels. Students struggling to devise an original topic, put forth a strong claim, construct purposeful sentences, or simply learn the use of articles, punctuation, and citations, can now find individual assistance from experienced peer tutors at the Writing Center.


All peer tutors are UIC upper-classmen who display exceptional writing skills and are passionate about helping fellow students with writing. Tutors undergo a rigorous selection and training program so as to provide the best support for students. Tutors can help identify and correct weaknesses in composition, provide feedback for more concrete argumentation, and suggest strategies for revision. Tutors also work with the Director to develop effective strategies and learning materials based on students’ needs and concerns.


Tutoring sessions are available on weekdays at the International Campus in Songdo. Each session is 30-minutes long and conducted between a single student and tutor. Students must sign-up for a tutoring session on the Writing Center website (uicwritingcenter.com). Students may reserve two 30-minute sessions per week and must provide name, major, email address, and cellphone number to ensure proper communication with the center. Students unable to make the session must canceltheir appointments so that other students may be assisted.


Tutor Soo Yeon Lee (CLC ’15) advises students to plan ahead of when their paper is due to ensure that they can meet a tutor and have enough time to write or revise the paper upon doing so. For a more productive tutoring session, students are also advised to bring: a draft or outline; the paper assignment; clear questions (e.g. What do I want to get out of the tutoring session? Is there a particular idea/paragraph/point that I am concerned about? Is there a particular aspect of writing with which I need help, such as thesis, introduction, evidence?).


Professor Seunghei C. Hong, Director of the Writing Center, encourages students to seek assistance by signing-up for a tutoring session online or just dropping by the Writing Center at Veritas B #421-1. She adds: “Writing can be a solitary act, but it need not be lonely. The Writing Center provides a safe but open space devoted solely to writing where students can work towards improving their writing skills so that the writing process can be, at once, manageable, fun, and rewarding

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