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Career Development Center

Sooner or later, we as undergraduates will have to confront the decision of whether to continue with our studies or to establish a career path and find a job for ourselves. It is important to decide on your future path as soon as possible. Although some might propose that by making many mistakes you will find out what is right for you, those mistakes are still preferably made when you are in the self-development process of the college years. An early decision regarding your career orientation is more beneficial, as it can give you a clearer direction in planning your future. Of course, while it would be good to figure out all of these things on your own, the UIC Career Development Center (known as the CDC) is too good a chance to pass up on.

With the help of the Global Career Society (a student-centered club that focuses on enhancing its members’ understanding of the global job market and gathering information for career planning), and the voluntary professors who help direct the Center, the CDC can be a great source for whoever is looking for career-related advice..

Here is an introduction to what the CDC has to offer:

A YSCEC page to which every UIC student has access. On this page, information about job and internship opportunities are posted regularly. Additionally, there is basic information on how to write a good resume, which can be very helpful in making anyone a potential candidate for their desired position. Yonsei also has a website for sharing career-related information, but since UIC is an international college, the CDC resources promise more global opportunities which may be more challenging, yet suitable for our students. Whether you have a specific goal in mind or are still worrying over what to do with your future, try taking a look at the YSCEC page and looking for a job that might be suitable for you. The perfect job will not appear before you all of a sudden just because you have waited long enough, but the opportunity will come to those who look for it hard enough. Moreover, if you have any questions or concerns, you can address these to the CDC through the YSCEC page and receive an answer within a week.


CDC Office: If you have gone through the YSCEC site, learned all the information available there, and are still confused about how to write a resume, try stopping by the office since the CDC has more detailed and exclusive resources there. You can come during office hours to talk with our professors or GCS members, who are trained to give feedback on your resume and direct you through the myriad career resources that the office has to offer. It is important for your resume to appear professional, since if written the right way, it will present a great image of yourself and can make you stand out from tons of other candidates. Yet to write a resume properly it takes four years of accumulated undergraduate experience, and requires critical self-assessment and a proper understanding of our strengths and weaknesses. Listed below are the locations of the CDC Offices:

Sinchon CDC, Daewoo Annex Hall Room 314

Songdo CDC, Veritas Hall B, Room 421


Alumni Network: The CDC also has a wide network of alumni connections, and supports events such as alumni lectures or the annual UIC Career Talk Fair. No matter the path you want to take, whether it is heading into some specific industry or attending graduate school, our seniors have already done it. They are more than willing to share their experiences and personal stories, as long as you take the initiative to come to them, to listen and to ask questions.


After all this, you may ask: why worry about a career now when you can do it later? But in truth we all know that procrastination always feels good until the deadline hits. Nevertheless, being proactive in finding a direction for yourself and creating a proper CV which showcases your accomplishments is much more beneficial in the long run. The CDC office is there to help you to map out the journey, whichever direction you wish to take.

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