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UIC Establishes Master's Program in Innovation at Songdo International Campus

by Professor Younah Kang, Chair of IID & Director of Design Factory Korea  


Innovate to empower our community for the digital transformation

– UIC Master of Science in Innovation

Underwood International College now has our own graduate program: Master of Science (M.S) in Innovation. UIC has always been a premier education institution transcending disciplinary boundaries for future global leaders. The Master’s in Innovation program is launched to foster an interdisciplinary workforce with design, social, and technological innovation capabilities that empathizes with systemic social structures and actualizes social value creation through design and advanced technologies.

The goal of the Master’s in Innovation program is to develop capacities to actualize intelligent society by implementing system, design and computational (SDC) thinking. With the SDC thinking approach, students will learn to apply integrated problem-solving abilities: identify business opportunities, design new products/services based on understanding and analysis on users, and implement cutting-edge products/services utilizing data analytics and AI.

The program comprises of humanities-based and student-driven research projects, embedding innovation skills in learning to solve real-world challenges. These will educate the student as an effective problem solver who has the ability to seek out broader possibilities, pioneer new aspects of the phenomenon, and implement meaningful insights to the society.

Computer Lab

In addition, UIC will support the program with unlimited resources of facilities and expertise of its personnel. UIC professors with various academic backgrounds will provide an interdisciplinary co-teaching experience. Also, the program will utilize collaborative learning platforms including Design Factory Korea, Makerspace i7, and Yonsei Social Innovation Center to create a better experience of learning and manufacturing innovation.

Makerspace i7

We are excited to present a true interdisciplinary—not just multidisciplinary—program with our inclusive innovation curriculum. With the technical knowledge coupled with creativity and design intelligence, a master’s in Innovation will forefront the upcoming Fourth Industrial Revolution, which demands interdisciplinary study and research. We hope that Yonsei University and UIC will open the doors to the digital transformation through the Master’s in Innovation degree program.

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