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Innovation and entrepreneurship Winter Boot-camp in Thailand
Nov 7, 2018  |  Read: 1,129


Innovation and entrepreneurship Winter Boot-camp in Thailand



Program Overview

This coming winter, CU Innovation Hub has come up with a great project to nurture the startup ecosystem through the "Innovation and entrepreneurship winter Boot camp." The program is part of the "10 days A-School's" flagship program for both Thai and foreign students (taught in English) aiming to build their own startups. The program organized as a workshop would allow the participants to gain knowledge and experience through their own work, with real cases, real coaches, real business from leading instructors in the field. At the end of winter program, the participants will present their very own startup idea on the Demo day with real VC for the opportunity to get incubated in "PADONE" style from the CU Innovation Hub.



Program Cost

Costs of attendance are 100,000 baht per person (includes only tuition fee, facilities usage, transportation for the technical visits, food, beverage, and snacks during the program airfare, local transportation, and accommodation fees are not included).  Chulalongkorn University offers full scholarships for qualified candidates. 20 full scholarships are available for qualified applicants from Chulalongkorn University / 30 full scholarships are available for qualified applicants from other universities.


Program Schedule:


Application Deadline15 November 2018, 11.59 pm.


To find out more about CU innovation Hub, visit: https://cuinnovationhub.com/

To apply for the program, visit: https://www.zipeventapp.com/e/Winter-Boot-Camp





For more information, please contact the Yonsei Center for Social Innovation, at ycsi_ck@yonsei.ac.kr (032-749-3099).


About Social Impact Initiative for Global Creative Talent:

Funded by University for Creative Korea, the Social Impact Initiative for Global Creative Talent (SIIGCT) aims at fostering social innovators by providing diverse curricular and extracurricular programmes within Underwood International College, Yonsei University's Techno-Art Division and Integrated Social Sciences Division.



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