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Tsinghua - SUNY Korea - POSTECH - Yonsei JV Global Innovation Project
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Tsinghua - SUNY Korea - POSTECH - Yonsei JV Global Innovation Project



SUNY Korea campus in Songdo, Incheon

Number of students:

12 Tsinghua students, 15 Korean and American students from SUNY Korea and POSTECH, five Yonsei students

**Meal and Accommodation will be provided.



  • Recently all over the world, AI technology became the dominant venue of manufacturing and marketing; in fact, it has already destroyed their traditional mechanism and become in the epicenter of all new innovation in business value chain.
  • Along with the US, China became the leading country in the AI industry; as a matter of fact, the country has competitive advantages over the breadth, access and depth of the big data, which constitute a major part of AI technology. 
  • Particularly, face recognition technology has been developed rapidly after the advance of voice recognition. 
  • There are four major areas of its application: security, autonomous car, mobile phone, and makeup/skincare
  • The cosmetic industry has grown and will grow rapidly all over the world; in effect, it does not have to do with the up and down of the economy. 


About the Project: An Interdisciplinary Project for Students in Computer Science, Engineering, and Business through a Case Study.

  • Groups of students are competing to develop the strategy for the addition of AI technology to the cross-border and manufacturing/020 retail of eMei (www.emeistore.com), which plans to take advantage of AI in the partnership with Sensetime from China, one of the three global players, including Google and Facebook.
  • eMei has successfully expanded into Southeast Asia, Africa, US, and Europe. 
  • Students are to develop strategies to develop eMei’s design platform with AI technology. 


Project Goal:

  • Through the development of AI strategies, the students are to understand the commercial advantage of its technology and its implementation to the traditional industry.
  • They are to understand the importance of teamwork in the new venture taking advantage of technological implementation.
  • Each team composed of students from different schools is to propose its own AI strategy for fast manufacturing and global market.
  • The main focus should be on tweaking of the existing technology and business model. 

Head Advisors:
Dr. Phil S. Yang: Leading Professor of SUNY Korea, Chairman of TK Network, CKT Development and Eastern Beauty in Korea and Beijing Dongmei Investment in China, Director of Research Institute of Chinese Enterprises at Konkuk University, Advisor to Tsinghua University Endowment Foundation. Ph.D. in Chinese History from University of California, LA., former Professor of Konkuk Univeristy,  former President & CEO of Seoul Chinatown Development and MChinatown.

Jan 27, 2019 ~ Feb 3, 2019/ Project Date: Jan 28 (Mon) ~ Feb 1 (Fri)

Sunday, Jan 27: Tsinghua Univ. students Arrival (airline info to be confirmed)
Arrive at Incheon airport. Picked up at the airport by SUNY Korea
* Free time for the weekend.

Monday~ Thursday, Jan 28 ~ 31: All Students
9:00~12:00    Workshop at SUNY Korea @3F, A313 Computer Lab
12:00~ 13:00  Lunch @Cafeteria
13:00~16:00  Team Project @3F, A313 Computer Lab

* Workshop will be held together with SUNY Korea, POSTECH and Yonsei University undergraduate and graduate students.

Friday, Feb 1: All students
9:00~11:30 Presentation Competition@3F, A313 Computer Lab
11:30~11:50 Certificate ceremony@3F, A313 Computer Lab
12:00~ 13:30 Lunch with President Choon Ho Kim at the cafeteria
14:00~15:00 Korean Students Check-out from SUNY Korea dormitory

Saturday, Feb 2: Tsinghua students
9:00~20:00Visit Gyeongbokgung Palace and Seoul Tower.

Sunday, Feb 3: Tsinghua students departure from Incheon


Send your Resume to ycsi_ck@yonsei.ac.kr

Send in your application by, December 5th. Selected students will be notified individually.




For more information, please contact the Yonsei Center for Social Innovation, at ycsi_ck@yonsei.ac.kr (032-749-3099).

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