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[~ Dec 11] Tsinghua-SUNY Korea-Postech-Yonsei JV Global Innovation Project
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Tsinghua-SUNY Korea-Postech-Yonsei JV Global Innovation Project


Eligibility: All UIC Students in the Social Innovator Certificate Program((Register to the Social Innovator Certificate Program now at:



Date : Jan 29 (Mon) ~ Feb 2 (Fri)

Location : SUNY Korea campus in Songdo, Incheon

Number of students: 12 Tsinghua students, Several Korean and American students from SUNY Korea and POSTECH, 5 Yonsei students


-    Recently, e-commerce became the dominant venue of marketing in China; in fact, it has already destroyed the traditional mechanism of marketing.

-    As China depended on mobile more than any other country, SNS e-commerce began to surpass other forms of e-commerce

-    Besides on-line activities, off-line ones began to rapidly enhance the volume of sales; thus, the so-called O2O became the major concept of e-commerce in China as well as elsewhere in the world.

-    The Chinese government encourages entrepreneurship. Not only does the government encourage university graduates to start their own business, but it also encourages those who left their hometown in the rural areas to find jobs in the city, to go back to their hometown and start their own business; mostly women in their 30’s to 40’s have difficulties finding new job opportunities as they do not have the skills that most jobs require.


About the Project: An Interdisciplinary Project for Students in Computer Science, Engineering, and Business

-              Groups of students are competing to develop the O2O strategy for the cross-border SNS e-commerce of Emei (www.emeistore.com) which sells Korean cosmetics in general, the storied beauty boxes in particular.

-              Part of the company’s O2O strategy is to encourage young women to become the bosses of Emei +, the online and offline start-up entrepreneurs who sell Emei’s products.

-              Students are to develop strategies to encourage more women to join the Emei+ community, especially women in rural areas who are in their 30’s to 40’s.


Project Goal

-    Through the development of O2O strategies, the students are to understand SNS's commercial functions in China.

-    They are to understand the synergetic relationship between online and offline businesses.

-    Each team composed of students from different schools is to propose its own O2O strategy for the Chinese market.

-    The main focus should be on attracting more underprivileged women who have limited skills to become Emei+ entrepreneurs.


Head Advisors:

-    Dr. Phil S. Yang: Chairman of TK Network, CKT Development and Eastern Beauty in Korea and Beijing Dongmei Investment in China, Director of Research Institute of Chinese Enterprises at Konkuk University, Advisor to Tsinghua University Endowment Foundation. Ph.D. in Chinese History from University of California, LA., former Professor of Konkuk Univeristy,  former President & CEO of Seoul Chinatown Development and MChinatown.



Monday~ Thursday, Jan 29 ~ Feb 1

9:00~12:00    Workshop at SUNY Korea @3F, A313 Computer Lab

12:00~ 13:00  Lunch @Cafeteria

13:00~16:00  Team Project @3F, A313 Computer Lab


* Workshop will be held together with SUNY Korea, POSTECH and Yonsei University undergraduate and graduate students.


Friday, Feb 2

9:00~11:30 Presentation Competition@3F, A313 Computer Lab

11:30~11:50 Certificate ceremony@3F, A313 Computer Lab

12:00~ 13:30 Lunch with President Choon Ho Kim at the cafeteria

14:00~15:00 Korean Students Check-out from SUNY Korea dormitory




Send your Resume and Application form to ycsi_pr@yonsei.ac.kr

Until Midnight December 4th. The results will be announced individually by December 8th


EXTENDED until December 11th(Mon), Final Results announced individually by December 12th

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