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2018 Urban Innovation Challenge: Citypreneurs (Young SDGs Start-up Competition in Seoul)
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2018 Urban Innovation Challenge: Citypreneurs

Young SDGs Start-Up Competition in Seoul



Applications for the 2018 Urban Innovation Challenge: Citypreneurs are now open!


Win a chance to join high-potential entrepreneurs in Seoul and present groundbreaking ideas in front of more than 70 global mentors and investors. As a member of the Citypreneurs network, you will receive invaluable opportunities, such as AI, Blockchain, and IoT Tech Sponsorships, startup boot camp training, Investor speed mentoring, cash prizes, invitations to international conferences, and publication in UN reports!


Apply now at:  http://bit.ly/citypreneurs2018
Application deadline: August 29th 2018


2018 Themes: Green Energy, Urban Mobility and Social Protection.
(Visit http://citypreneurs.org and the blogs in links below to see if your idea qualifies!)


Select your track:

  1. Seed Track (early stage teams competing with ideas); or
  2. Growth Track (teams seeking grants and investments for scaling)

Citypreneurs 2018 is co-hosted by UN ESCAP, Seoul Metropolitan Government, Seoul Digital Foundation, UNDP, WeGO, and WFUNA.
40+ global and local partners, investors, and accelerators have contributed to making this competition a success.
Applications should be made directly to WFUNA. More information about the applications process can be found in the QR code below.




Find out more about the Citypreneurs through some of these recent blog posts:

  1. Why You Should Apply to Citypreneurs (https://www.citypreneurs.org/blog/why-you-should-apply-to-citypreneurs)
  2. 2018 Citypreneurs Information Session: Find Out What Went Down (https://www.citypreneurs.org/blog/2018-citypreneurs-information-session-find-out-what-went-down)
  3. There is No Planet B: Green Energy (2018 Citypreneurs Theme) (https://www.citypreneurs.org/blog/there-is-no-planet-b-green-energy)
  4. The Push for Sustainable Urban Mobility (2018 Citypreneurs Theme) (https://www.citypreneurs.org/blog/the-push-for-sustainable-urban-mobility-2018-citypreneurs-theme)
  5. Ensuring No One Is Left Behind: Social Protection (2018 Citypreneurs Theme(https://www.citypreneurs.org/blog/ensuring-no-one-is-left-behind-social-protection-2018-citypreneurs-theme)




The  World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA)  is a global non-profit organization with a membership of over 100 national  United Nations Associations  (UNAs) and their thousands of constituents. WFUNA works with the United Nations to develop and improve the global community. WFUNA achieves this through the engagement of people who share a global mindset and support international cooperation - global citizens.





For more information, please contact the Yonsei Center for Social Innovation, at ycsi_ck@yonsei.ac.kr (032-749-3099).


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