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Message from the Dean of UIC

UIC is creating a new educational paradigm via the crisscrossed academic dialogue among 16 different majors.

I am pleased to join all of our distinguished professors in congratulating and welcoming you to Underwood International College. UIC is a highly selective, four-year liberal arts institution, where students choose from an extensive list of classes taught by a distinguished group of scholars. In particular, UIC focuses on providing comprehensive educational opportunities for intensive study that help students succeed on the global stage. I strongly urge you to make full use of UIC’s academic surroundings while diligently pursuing your studies.

Needless to say, the raison d'être of university lies in learning. As a matter of fact, life will continue to be a fascinating journey of discovery insofar as you do not give up your enthusiasm for learning. Confucius once said in The Analects, "To learn, and at due times, repeat what one has learnt is the source of genuine pleasure for all men." In my opinion, the learning process is conducted in a bilateral manner. First, your knowledge and vision of life will be broadened and deepened through encounters with honorable teachers, friends, great philosophical thought, and exquisite scientific law during your four years of study at UIC. In your meetings with the outside world, raise questions incessantly, but refrain from hasty conclusion. True learning is about more than merely finding answers. Be sure to understand how to address various academic and social issues properly and adequately.

Secondly, I would like to emphasize the importance of meeting and knowing the 'you' on the inside. Our eyes are structured in such a way that we are able to see the things around us--our surroundings--but not our inner selves. The you on the inside is the person that only you and God can see. Should we allow ourselves to simply see the things that are visible to our eyes, we will never be able to accomplish true learning. I encourage you to observe the world around you while remaining mindful of listening to the voice inside of you. In this way, you will be able to actively participate and contribute to society without being unduly overwhelmed by social trends constantly in flux. To know the historic mission one has been endowed with and to exert one’s utmost efforts in realizing this calling--shouldn’t this be considered the highest goal for all students entering college?

Congratulations to all and God bless you.

Jin-bae Chung
Underwood International College

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