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Dual Advising System

Academic advising is essential for a student’s success. Here at Underwood International College (UIC), we take this responsibility very seriously. All students are assigned to two academic advisors throughout their entire academic career at UIC. First-year students will have one full-time academic advisor and a residential master in their respective houses. Once students choose their majors at the end of their first year, a major professor will also assist the students’ academic journey as their academic advisor in addition to the initially assigned full-time academic advisor. They can offer advice on choosing classes, overcoming academic difficulties, planning career paths, adjusting to college life, and many more. You can find more about the three full-time UIC academic advisors at the link below:


Yonsei RC 101
Yonsei RC 101 is designed to help first-year students become engaged members of the UIC academic community. The course encourages students to build a solid foundation for education through a focus on the process of learning and cultivating the habits for a life-long achievement. Through writings and discussions that foster critical and creative thinking, students are asked to reflect on their past, present, and future to ultimately develop their own perspectives on learning and success. The course is led by UIC’s full-time academic advisors, whom you can also consult individually to discuss academic and personal issues.

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