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The Residential College Experience

All students spend their freshman year in the Residential College at Yonsei International Campus (YIC) in Songdo.

The Residential College consists of 16 houses with a total of 4,000 students. Each house has its own distinctive theme and is operated by a dedicated team of Residential Assistants and a Residential Master. The Residential College complements the formal learning environment found in the classroom by offering a wide range of extra-curricular activities.

Students build a sense of community within their house through house-specific events while they also interact and share experiences across the different houses through events in the Common Program. The Common Program includes event series such as the YIC Lecture Series and YIC Performing Arts Series. It also includes the Residential College Olympics where the houses compete against each other in such sports as soccer, basketball, dodgeball, and table tennis.


“You have no idea how hard all of my RA (Residential Assistant) ‘sunbaes’ worked to operate our virtual
experiences in a way that most resembles the outdoor activities: planting our tree, folding origami at night,
and learning Korean with your Korean-native fellow classmates, and so on. [...] I’m turning 19 this year, and
being at UIC and experiencing the one-and-only RC life as a freshman are the best birthday presents I’ve received!”
- Vu Tran An Pho (Hemin V.), 20 HASS Division (Information and Interaction Design & Economics) -


“As I studied with friends who come from different parts of the world, my understanding of global issues also changed and I am able to appreciate the differences  in values among different cultures.
Being in the residential college on the Yonsei International Campus  helped greatly in nurturing this study group culture, and this continues when we move to the Sinchon campus.”
- Ng Yung Hian, 11 International Relations -


“The Songdo International Campus allowed me to enjoy the opportunity to live, study and socialize
with students, not only from my own division but also from a variety of other divisions and majors…
sporting facilities like the soccer field, futsal court, and tennis courts helped me to maintain
a good balance between my studies and my physical health.”
- Hongik Kim, 15 Political Science and International Relations -


“After my first month at UIC, I can clearly feel how welcoming the school environment is.
The RC program actively proposes ideas we can participate in and clubs to join during the times of the pandemic. Although everything is virtual for now, we still have opportunities to meet our classmates
and experience some aspects of campus life.”
- Cynthia Chen, 20 Underwood Division (Political Science and International Relations) -




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