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Visa/Alien Registration

Visa Application for Foreign National Students Residing Outside Korea
(Guidelines on Student Visa: D-2)

Students should have their student visa processed at their local Korean Embassy/Consulate before leaving for Korea. A visa can be obtained for a minimum of 90 days and can be extended in Korea. However, it is recommended that students get a visa that will remain valid for the duration of the intended stay.

Step One

In order to apply for a D-2 visa, you need a Certificate of Admission from Yonsei University. The UIC Office must receive the following documents before mailing the certificate to you:

  • Financial Affidavit
  • A Verification of Deposit (VOD) such as an official bank statement
  • A copy of your sponsor's tax return (including property tax)
  • A verification of your sponsor's employment or equivalent

Verification of Deposit (VOD):
The VOD must be current (produced within a month), liquid (a savings or a check account or a similar cash account), and verified by the bank where the account is housed (by a signature, a stamp or a seal) A minimum balance of US$22,000 must be maintained in the bank account for no less than one month. If the account is not under the student’s name, a letter from the account holder must be submitted. The letter should state the sponsor’s relationship to the student and clearly state that the sponsor will support the student financially. Please have the Financial Affidavit form completed, signed, and returned to the UIC office along with the VOD and other required documents.

* Note that full-tuition scholarship recipients are exempt from submitting the documents above.

Step Two

When UIC receives all the required documents, we will issue the Certificate of Admission and submit it along with other required documents to the Immigration Office in Korea to apply for a Visa Issuance Approval Number. Once the immigration office issues a Visa Issuance Approval Number, UIC will notify you. Upon receiving your Visa Issuance Approval Number, you should apply for a student visa (D-2) at your local Korean Embassy/Consulate in China.
* Please note that UIC will not be held liable for incidents in which the Immigration Office rejects your Visa Issuance Approval because such matters are under the jurisdiction of the Korean government.

Change of Visa Status for Foreign National Students Residing in Korea
If you reside in Korea and need to switch your status of stay to D-2, you must apply for a change of status before you enroll at UIC. Please visit the immigration office with the following documents:

  • Application Form for change of status
  • Certificate of Admission
  • A receipt of tuition payment
  • A bank statement that shows you have maintained at least 3 million won in your account
  • Foreign registration card
  • Passport
  • Application fee

* If you have an F-2 (Residency), F-4 (Overseas Koreans) or F-5 (Permanent Residency), you do NOT have to change your visa status. If your current visa is about to expire, but you do not have all the necessary documents to change your visa status, you should request a visa extension. You will probably get a one or two-month extension. Alternatively, you can apply for change of visa status with the documents available to you at the time and submit additional documents when you obtain them.

Overseas Koreans: F-4 visa
Overseas Koreans whose parent or grandparent have held Korean nationality can obtain an F-4 visa. Those with an F-4 visa are exempt from submitting the Verification of Deposit or receiving a permit to study.

For further information, visit the website of Korea Immigration
Service: http://immigration.go.kr/HP/IMM80/index.do

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