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2004. 10 Board of Directors approves establishment of Underwood International College
2005. 2 Professor Jongryn Mo inaugurated as the first dean First five majors established (Comparative Literature and Culture; Economics; International Studies; Political Science and International Relations; Life Science and Biotechnology)
2005. 9 Exploratory classes held for inaugural class
2006. 3 Start of semester, first classes held
2006. 10 Board of Directors upgrades UIC’s status from ‘division’ to ‘college’
2006. 12 Shinhan Distinguished Visiting Faculty program launched
2007. 2 Professor Jongryn Mo inaugurated as the first dean of Underwood International College
2007. 3 Gained status as ‘Underwood International College’
2007. 12 3-Campus Program agreement signing (Yonsei’s Underwood International College, The University of Hong Kong and Keio University)
2008. 2 The first Global Career Tour held
2008. 9 Professor Jung-Hoon Lee inaugurated as the second dean
2008. 9 Career Development Center established
2010. 2 First commencement ceremony held
2010. 8 Professor Chung Min Lee inaugurated as the third dean
2011. 3 UIC freshmen participate in Residential Program at Yonsei International Campus (YIC) in Songdo
2012. 2 Professor Hyungji Park inaugurated as the fourth dean
2012. 3 Asian Studies Division and Techno-Art Division established Four majors established (Information and Interaction Design; Asian Studies; Culture and Design Management; Creative Technology Management)
2013. 8 The first Global Research Competition held
2014. 2 Professor Hyungji Park reappointed as dean
2014. 3 Integrated Social Science Division and Integrated Science and Engineering Division established 7 majors established (Justice and Civil Leadership; Quantitative Risk Management; Science, Technology and Policy; Sustainable Development and Cooperation; Bio-Convergence; Energy and Environmental Science and Engineering; Nano Science and Engineering)
2015. 4 Design Factory Korea launched
2015. 5 UIC Veritas Research Center launched
2015. 10 UIC 10th Anniversary
2016. 2 Professor Jin-bae Chung inaugurated as the sixth dean
2016. 11 Opening Ceremony of Yonsei Center for Social Innovation
2017. 12 Relocation of UIC to Daewoo Annex Hall
2018. 2 Professor Taeyoon Sung inaugurated as the seventh dean
2018. 8 UIC Writing Center established
2018. 8 ISE Laboratory established
2019. 3 Rearrangement of 3 divisions: UD, HASS, ISE

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