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Academic Life at UIC

During the 4 years of the undergraduate program, students will attend courses conducted in English by UIC’s international faculty. The low student-to-faculty ratio offers UIC students the opportunity to closely interact with professors to enhance their intellectual growth on an individual basis. Throughout their studies, UIC students can seek advice from the professors and the academic advisors. They will also have the opportunity to study with world-renowned specialists through the Shinhan Distinguished Faculty lectures, and take any classes offered to the wider Yonsei community.


“What drew me to UIC were its small class size and interactive classroom setting,
as well as its rigorous curriculum that ensured academic credibility.”
- Ng Yung Hian, 11 International Relations -


“Faculty members would go beyond their call of duty to help students,
encouraging them to grow and mature both academically and in their personal lives.”
- Terry Putera, 06 International Relations -


“Compared to major European universities, where an atmosphere of anonymity reigns,
classes are very small and the instructors know all their students by name.”
- Soeren Maerki, 09 Economics -


“The quality of education, mentorship, and the plethora of opportunities at UIC fundamentally shaped
who I am. Small group classes focused on debate and discussions honed my ability to think critically,
analytically and logically - which became a critical asset as I started work.”
- Suh-Yeon Christine Hong, 06 International Studies -



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