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Student Health Aid Association

  • http://web.yonsei.ac.kr/health
  • Student Union Building [2F] Rm.206
  • 02-2123-3350
  • M~F 09:00~17:00 (Lunch12:00~13:00)

Medical welfare benefits are available to all Yonsei University students registered in the Health Mutual-aid Association (registration fee w15,000 per semester). Students are also able to receive medical care in case of an accident or a disease.

Qualification for Yonsei University Health-aid Support
Membership is restricted to undergraduate and graduate students (Including General and Special graduate students) in Yonsei University (Family members are excluded)

How to apply for medical expense reimbursements
Students must submit the following items to Yonsei Mutual-aid Association:
First, the original copy of the medical treatment receipt (faxed and copied receipts will not be accepted) which includes the date of treatment and the department.
Second, Yonsei University Student ID Card or Statement of Enrollment.
Third, Woori Bank account number (copy of the bankbook is not necessary).

Available Range of Reimbursements
Limited to medical fees and prescribed medicines of medical treatments under national health insurance(Does not include non-insured medical treatments).

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