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Greetings to fellow UIC students! This is the 15th Underwood International College Student Council <wayve>.


#What does the Student Council do?

The student council is voluntarily comprised of student members who are very enthusiastic about bringing vitality into student society. Through regular meetings, we share ideas, interests, and concerns about refining and stabilizing student community. As we carry out our projects concerning academics, culture, and welfare of UIC students - such as UIC Festival, UIC MT, UIC Career Day - we hope to make a more stable and better tomorrow.


#new normal in UIC with <wayve>
The Underwood International College is a college with diverse characteristics and endless potential. However, we are still in the process of strengthening the college’s identity, since our history is relatively shorter than other colleges within Yonsei University. Hence, <wayve> will move forward to strengthen the identity of Underwood International College. We will lead our way to develop the advantages of being a Liberal Arts College by actively collaborating with other universities, improving the Common Curriculum, and developing the community culture.

However, for a wave of change to form, ripples have to gather first. Please join UIC’s tomorrow that <wayve> will create. Our ripples will gather to form a wave, and the waves will gather to flow into a new tomorrow at Underwood International College.


For more information or inquiries, you can reach out us via official channels:

E-mail: uicstuco15@gmail.com

Kakao chat: wayve

Instagram: @yonsei_wayve 

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