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Hello to all of Underwood International Students! We, the 12th Student Council SOLIDITY, genuinely welcome you to be part of the UIC family. The unique identity of this institution, being truly international with strong Asian colors, distinctly defines itself and provide experience only available at UIC. As already accomplished and talented as you are, this institution is where you enjoy the diversity and make yourself more colorful. Our potential and vision for the future is limitless. All the while, UIC will provide the opportunity to realize your youth, passion, and endless capability. Join us for your better future and for building our new years for UIC.

The UIC Student Council serves as an intermediary for all students of UIC. As diverse as we are, we make sure that no little voice is overlooked, and work to provide the most comprehensive and distinguished college experience to every student in UIC. From organizing student led events, such as Daedongjae festival and the Freshmen workshop, to working for academic welfare, we will be at the forefront to listen and elicit improvements. We aim to grow stronger together both in building internal solidity and being externally more established in Yonsei University as a whole. Serving as the main auxiliary body, the UIC Student council also supports activities of the UIC Congress (consisted of major representatives and the student club union) and that of the General Yonsei Student body as well.

Should you have any questions regarding student council, feel free to contact us via:
Email: solidity12uic@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/stuco.uic
Kakatotalk Yello ID: @uicstuco

Or, you can visit us personally at: Sinchon Campus, New Millennium Hall B121 Int’l Campus, VeritasB 212

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