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 Greetings to fellow UIC students! This is the Underwood International College Student Council Emergency Exigency Committee. The Emergency Exigency Committee, as defined in our Constitution, has an authority that corresponds to that of the UIC Student Council.

UIC is special in its diversity and uniqueness, represented in both our curriculum and the composition of our committee members. The UIC Student Council Emergency Exigency Committee truly believes that the opinion from each and every UIC student is equally valuable and should be valued the same. We would like to build a stronger bond among the UIC students for active participation towards the Student Council affairs of UIC and each major. The UIC Student Council Emergency Exigency Committee, along with the UIC Congress (consisting of student council representatives from each major, SCU, and division), would like to strive to improve the democratic and participative procedure within UIC student body, ensuring educational rights of UIC Students and promoting non-discrimination principles within UIC.

For more information or inquiries, you can reach out us via official channels:

E-mail: uicemergencyexigency@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/uicstuco


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