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MSR & Writing Center

UIC offers two different peer-tutoring centers to provide one-on-one individual support for students. 

The UIC Writing Center, directed by Professor Seunghei C. Hong, is for students who are looking for low-pressure ways to receive extra guidance on their writing. The Writing Center encourages student to pay them at a visit at any point in the writing process, whether it be for a term paper for a course or for a second look at their internship application essay. 

The Math & Science Resource (MSR) Center, on the other hand, is for students who are seeking opportunities to strengthen their foundational skills in mathematics and science courses. The MSR tutors strive to help other students understand various principles through discussion and problem solving. 

The tutors for both centers are carefully selected and trained to be the best source of peer support for their fellow UICians. The appointments require advance booking, and for the Fall 2020 semester, tutoring sessions will be conducted via Zoom to ensure the safety of our students. Please check out their websites, linked below through the pictures! 

      UIC Writing Center Website      MSR Center Website

                                                   <UIC Writing Center>                                                                                                                       <UIC MSR Center>


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