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About UIC Faculty Positions
As one of East Asia’s most dynamic and rapidly growing higher education institutions, Underwood International College is always on the lookout for outstanding faculty across a broad range of academic disciplines. All instruction is delivered in English, and our student body consists of students with high level of English proficiency drawn from over 58 different countries.

Candidates must have a firm commitment to undergraduate liberal arts education. Applicants must be legally eligible to work at a private university in Korea.

How to apply
Interested applicants should apply online at the below link. Short-listed applicants will be invited for a presentation and an interview. Presentation skills, academic potentials and other qualifications will be evaluated. In some cases, the interviews are typically conducted via Skype.

Apply now  

Date Field Title Deadline Hits
2020.05.27 2020-2 Yonsei University Adjunt Professor Recruitment Announcement New Jun 2, 2020 47
2020.05.15 2020-2 Yonsei University Visiting Professor Recruitment Announcement May 22, 2020 126
2019.10.11 2020-1 Yonsei University Visiting or Adjunct Professor (including Lecturer) Recruitment Announcement Oct 16, 2019 941
2019.09.27 Full-time Faculty Position in History (Non-tenure Track concentrated on Teaching), Underwood International College Oct 31, 2019 561
2019.06.13 [Updated as of June 17] 2019-2~2020-2 Yonsei University Lecturer Recruitment Announcement Jun 18, 2019 1,868
2019.04.01 2019 Full-time Faculty Recruitment (Philosophy, Underwood International College) Apr 30, 2019 1,157
2019.04.01 2019 Full-time Faculty Recruitment (IID, Underwood International College) Apr 23, 2019 884
2019.03.15 2019 Full-time Faculty Recruitment (Underwood International College) Apr 5, 2019 1,032
2019.01.11 2019 Tenure-Track Assistant/Associate Professor of Culture & Design Management, Underwood International College, Yonsei University - 1,494
2018.07.16 Non-Tenure Track Position in Integrated Science and Engineering Division Aug 14, 2018 1,583

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